Endist, LLC: Hybrid Cloud Storage Professional Services

Endist was founded in 2000 to perform server and storage system design for Internet Hosting providers. Our Professional Services offerings have grown each year and now concentrate on hybrid cloud solutions, helping customers make the transition to cloud based applications and maximize the return on their cloud investment.

News & Events

  • Session on evolving storage architectures
  • Focus on resilient storage solutions for microservice architectures
  • Endist discusses Bridging OpenStack and Mobile cloud at OpenStack East in August 2016

Endist Solutions

Endist takes a vendor-neutral design during the design and product recommendation process. We are able to work with the client to provide a solution that best meets their current and future needs. Our areas of expertise are:

Storage and Information Strategy:

  • Storage Solution Design
  • Emerging Storage Protocols
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Microservice Architectures

Private and Hybrid Cloud:

  • Bridging On-premise Applications with Public Cloud
  • OpenStack Storage Solutions
  • Designing for Service Resiliency
  • Bridging to Mobile Cloud
  • Capacity Planning
  • Deployment Automation and Integration
  • Resource Recovery and Utilization Management

Public Cloud:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Designing for Service Resiliency:

  • Designing Durable Storage Solutions
  • Building Scalable Services
  • Active/Active or Active/Passive Solutions
  • Ancillary Services used by the Environment.

Endist Philosophy

Delivering scalable, distributed and resilient storage and application solutions for Enterprise customers is what we do. It is reflected in our name.

We have helped customers build real-time analytics solutions, deployed a Top 10 website, designed public cloud back-ends for mobile applications and everything in between. We can help you better align to your business needs, reduce deployment time and maximize the value of your cloud solution.


About Endist


Endist was founded in 2000 to perform technology consulting and storage management services. Our Professional Service offerings have grown each year to now include hybrid cloud architecture and solution design. We focus on delivering Enterprise-grade storage solutions and helping customers build scalable, distributed and resilient applications. We provide all of our customers with flexible solutions for their needs and we are committed to customer service in everything that we do.

Endist's growth is a result of returning clients and customer referrals. Our commitment is to providing the correct solution that meets the customer's current and future needs. We view our customers as our long term partners and we strive to ensure their success.

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